cleaning house

Its been a while since the last post, we really needed time to ourselves and to grieve. I will never be “over it,” but in some ways the passing of time makes it easier. Now we are trying to figure out how to live with our new reality in healthy and positive ways.

I’ve updated some aspects of the blog that I didn’t realize needed fixing.

Now there’s an actual gallery you can peruse. I’ll update with new images of the babes that I feel are appropriate to share with the world, as well as mementos and other related items.

I will also post resources that we used and were available to us through the hospital, as well as what we found on our own. My hope is that this will help future parents and their families who are going through their own difficult pregnancies.

In addition to the updated gallery, there’s a menu next to it linking my new blog. I was so inspired by the process of journaling about my girls, getting all of my emotions out, and documenting their lives, that I had to create another. This will be a personal blog about my path back to positivity and a more hopeful outlook on life after experiencing a traumatic event. Its called

Many thanks for checking it out, just click the link in the menu!

I must say, I am completely overwhelmed by the drawing above. It was given to me by my dear friend Gwyn, who had the piece commissioned by artist Kyle McGill. The phoenixes give me so much hope and comfort in a way that’s really indescribable and has caught me off guard. As if the girls are reborn from the ashes, and death doesn’t mark the end of their journey, but the beginning of something new.

Thanks to everyone who has stayed tuned with us through our journey.  

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